A Plan is Emerging

We loaded up the moving van and set off, a day late but we are finally on our way. My parents kept asking me for our plans but, to be honest, I didn’t have time to do any research while tending to two young girls, packing up ten years of stuff (Do we even need half of it?) and selling the majority of our furniture. My plan was to make a better plan once free of our belongings and the house.

So we went and bought some travel books because Germany, Switzerland and Italy encompass a lot of area and we don’t intend on staying in Europe longer than 6 weeks. What to see? What to do? Can anyone suggest some must sees and don’t bothers with any of these countries?

Next stop…Houston for some stuff-storing, family-seeing and plan-finalizing. No regrets, just wish I had a personal travel agent, a nanny, and some brain cells I lost during the last few weeks. 

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2 thoughts on “A Plan is Emerging

  1. Sarah

    We miss you all ready!!! Seth was asking about Evangeline last night. Skype dates are a must for those two.

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