Hotter than Hades

What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.

~ Jane Austen


It’s been a long time since I was in Texas and the last time I was here it was November so I’d forgotten how brutal summers are. I have long since become accustomed to the Southeast coastal weather which is fairly similar to Houston weather, hot and humid. But Texas never likes to be outdone so just for our arrival it has been hovering near 100•F! It’s hard to be motivated to do anything when the heat is this ridiculous. I can’t believe I used to drive a car without air conditioning here!

It’s a sad state of affairs when the temperature drops to 92•F and you consider it comfortable. We decided a visit to the zoo would be a great way to celebrate the ‘cold front’. So we loaded up our stuff and the kids. We wanted to leave earlier in the morning but we seem incapable of leaving the house before 11 am with two kids. Why is that and are we the only ones with this problem? We got to the zoo just in time for lunch and of course E’s nap time is usually just after lunch. Luckily she was pretty good during our visit, thankfully avoiding any (memorable) toddler meltdowns. Poor thing had to walk the whole time because daddy forgot to load her stroller.

We saw fish, birds, hoofed creatures, elephants, cats and larger-than-life Lego replicas of animals. As we walked around, 92•F didn’t seem so comfortable any longer. Luckily, the zoo has a splash park where we cooled ourselves off. E had a blast! When we got back to the car I noticed that the temperature was not the lovely 92•F the weatherman forecasted but 99•F. No wonder we were so freakin’ hot! We are very happy Papa has a pool at his apartment where we can find refuge from the sweltering heat


Ahh, the lovely Cuenca weather sounds like it will be refreshing after our Texas summer. The temperatures tend to be consistent throughout the year and range from the 40’s at night to the upper 60’s/lower 70’s during the day. If you thought Ecuador was an extremely hot country you’re not alone. I swear I remember learning in school it was hottest along the equator because of the proximity to the sun, but Ecuador remains fairly temperate because of the mountains, the ocean and the rainforest canopy. Because Ecuador lies on the equator they do not have 4 seasons (neither does TX) but rather a rainy and a dry season.


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3 thoughts on “Hotter than Hades

  1. Katherine

    Best meme ever!

  2. I am from Sacramento and can commiserate on the hot weather 🙂
    Time for you to list lots of Southern-Hemisphere destinations for July-August getaways? The Falkland islands might be ideal since you enjoyed England very much!

    • Actually we will be living in Ecuador for 6 months, maybe longer. We will be in the mountains with a nice constant 50-70 degree weather!

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