Never Again!

“Mommy I want to ride the excavator!”E wanting to take the airport escalator.

As the date crept closer I began to worry about how I would navigate two flights with two kids younger than 3 and all our stuff. I had two rolling bags, a diaper bag/backpack, and 2 (20 lb) carseats in bags that could be worn as a backpack or pulled on their wheels, my baby in my Boba carrier and the toddler on a leash tether. Getting through security was ‘fun’. At least it was at the small Augusta, GA airport and not a bigger airport, like Atlanta. We made it to the gate where one agent took pity on me and helped me to a seat to wait.

When it came time to board the plane, E, my 2 1/2 year old was excited about getting on an airplane. Unfortunately the excitement faded by the time I had to put her in her seat.


Excuse me? Where did you hear that? Now I’m kind of freaking out because you hear about all these intuitive children and I’ve never once discussed a plane crashing. I’m also rather embarrassed because now the rest of the passengers are boarding. I quickly change the subject and hand her some trail mix (or her idea of a game of find the m&ms). All was well after that. Thankfully, my daughter is not clairvoyant as we made it safely to Atlanta.

My plan in Atlanta was to find our gate and grab a bite to eat. After leaving the plane I looked for the televisions displaying the gates. Did I mention I was wearing my 16 lb baby on my front and a 20 lb carseat on my back and that there was something on that damn carseat cover that kept poking me like a needle in my arse? Yes, that would be my fantastic luck! Finally, after what seemed like a mile of walking, we found them. But my flight was not on it. So I have to walk another quarter mile to find a gate agent. They told me my flight would leave from gate A33 and I was in terminal D. So down to the train we trudged. As the train started we all nearly fell down. We made it to terminal A and got off the train. I don’t remember exactly where we met the angel that helped us but an airport employee took pity on me and took it upon herself to lug some of my stuff and escort us to the gate. We hiked behind her and ended at gate A33.

“Here are two More San Francisco passengers for you,”she said to the gate agent.

“Um, we’re going to Houston.”

The gate agent confirmed that we were at the incorrect gate. It had been switched to B27 they just hadn’t bothered to change it in the computer system! We then had to get back on the train to get to the B terminal. Thank God I had the foresight to schedule the flights to have a two hour layover! Our angel then escorted us back to the train, to terminal B and to our gate on the passenger cart.

“Bless you!”I told her.

(While trying to keep up with this kind-hearted stranger my toddler decided to have a meltdown. She threw herself on the floor and yelled at me she did not want me pulling her by her leash while I panicked that I’d lost sight of the woman with my suitcase and carseat and diaper bag. Ugghhh!)

By this time I’d completely given up on lunch. No way was I waiting in line with all my s#!* to eat overpriced airport food! I considered giving a stranger some cash to get us something to eat and drink but decided against it. We would sit and wait for the plane. But…the gate would change yet again. Thankfully it was in the same terminal this time.

When we got to our final gate a woman said to me,

“You are brave, you must be SUPERWOMAN!”

“Or I’m crazy!”

I’m still not certain which I am.

One of the flight attendants was nice enough to take E’s carseat on board and set it in her seat. There were no tears this time getting her in her seat because I’d promised her a lollipop if we made it on the second plane. She sucked on it for a bit, gave it back to me a promptly passed out before take off. We made it to Houston and the flight attendants helped me get our stuff down to baggage claim to meet my father. E happily followed the sweet woman but when she handed the tether back to me, mere steps from the exit, another tantrum ensued. Please, Dear God, we’re nearly there! After threatening to leave without her and then allowing her to walk untethered she got up and walked with me. It made me so happy that she ran straight to her Papa when we finally found him.

I hope and pray that I will never have to make a trip like that again on my own. Thankfully it went rather smoothly for the most part, but I don’t ever want to do that again by myself, Supermom or not! Now my husband may be Superdad because he made it to Houston driving the moving truck pulling our SUV in one day!

I would like to thank all the Delta employees and countless strangers that were so wonderful to help make my trip a little less miserable than it could’ve been.

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One thought on “Never Again!

  1. Missy

    “You are brave!”
    “No, ma’am. I’m crazy”
    The conversation I had mere days ago at Atalnta airport while traveling alone with the 2 kiddos. I didn’t have carseats though and I used the double stroller to tote the luggage (while telling the kids “walk nice and follow mommy or a stranger will put you on a plane to Timbuktu and they don’t have fish tacos and grandma in Timbuktu”) 😉

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