National Lampoon’s European Vacation the Sequel

Look, a plane!

It’s 1:30 am London time and my baby is wondering why we all want to be asleep. We arrived today around 9 am and she napped for several hours after we arrived. So now she’s up talking to herself andI I’m in desperate need of sleep!

Yesterday was stressful as is any day flying. I’m always worried I’m going to forget to bring something or leave unfinished business at the house. We were making last minute preparations for our travel and E was running around the apartment playing. Cory went to the bedroom to get something when he found E had locked the door. FANTASTIC! As if I didn’t have other things to worry about! Cory was able to fashion a key from a paper clip thankfully and the crisis was averted.

We packed up our rental car we had gotten the day before because renting was cheaper than a month’s worth of long term parking. At the airport I told Cory to drop me and the girls off at the International terminal since we were flying British Air and he took the car to the rental return. I thought it odd that the BA counter was unmanned but thought that maybe it was because we were somewhat early. Then I realized we were in the wrong terminal! We were flying American to Dallas before heading to Heathrow. I was able to alert Cory to the mistake before he left the rental place and he met us in the correct terminal. Once again I am ever so grateful for sympathetic airport staff and their assistance!

Our flight leaving Houston was delayed leaving us with only about 40 minutes to make it to our connecting flight in Dallas. British Air had a lovely lady meet us there to help us get our gear to our next (delayed) flight. All in all the girls did rather well on the flights. E was excited to see Toy Story on the flight to London and even watched it again after waking up from a good night’s rest.

After arriving at Heathrow we found our way to the rental car company. Yes, I said rental car. After reviewing our options of an hour and a half taxi ride, a 2 hour bus trip then taxi ride, a 90 minute bus ride then 30 minute train ride and then taxi trip (likely needing two taxis with all our stuff), or renting a car, Cory chose to drive. I was shocked but I think the choice was mostly based on his desire to try and drive on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road. It also was the quickest option that cost the least money (or so we thought). When we got to the rental car lot we found after waiting for about 30-40 minutes that they did not have the type of car we reserved. So we could either pay for the upgrade or wait for one to come in. What?!?! So after paying for the upgrade (and mandatory insurance the website failed to mention) we paid more for the car than the private taxi ride! It was an experience though. Driving on the highway wasn’t too bad but trying to find our way out of London and through my mom’s small town was a nail-biting experience. In Shoreham-by-Sea we missed the turn off for parking at my mom’s and had to wind our way back on narrow roads. Parked cars lined the roads and we often found ourselves driving towards a large truck heading in the opposite direction. It’s hard to ‘give way’ when there is no room to pull over and allow the other car through. And don’t get me started on roundabouts. We found ourselves being honked at several times in those. I almost called Cory, Clark several times.

Look kids, Parliament, Big Ben… Clark W. Griswold

But we’re here now and I alas am now the only one awake. Well, Cory may be too as I think he had to crawl into E’s toddler air bed because she woke up upset. I can hear some tossing and turning in the adjacent room. We may both be exhausted and the kids will be nice and rested tomorrow.


E and her chocolate pudding cake.


Miss P

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3 thoughts on “National Lampoon’s European Vacation the Sequel

  1. jeff b

    Glad you all made it. Sounds like the Griswalds came to town. Make sure to delete your “romantic” filmings from the video camera before it gets swiped and you become a huge adult film star in Italy.

  2. KMY

    I have bookmarked you guys! Nice to hear that you made it ok! Did you get to see the new prince? 🙂 **Cousin K

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