Jet Lagged

Travel Day 1 (July24th):
Today Mum and Cory had to return the rental car to Brighton, a town about 20 minutes from here.. I stayed home with the girls so we wouldn’t have to lug 2 car seats home on the bus. Apparently it was a real challenge finding the place as the street was not labeled from the direction they were heading.

A view of a typical street one drives on in these small English towns.

When they returned on the bus the girls and I headed into town to meet them. E had been up since 5 am so she almost immediately fell asleep on the stroller ride there. We decided to have a light lunch outside as the weather was perfect, sunny and about 75•F. We decided on Teddy’s, a lovely little bakery and tea shop. I had an apple and goat cheese sandwich and Cory ate a pepper omelet and we shared some scrummy French frieschips. Mum and I shared a nice pot of tea as well.

After an afternoon nap, Cory and E headed to the beach. Mum made some delicious and filling steak and ale and chicken, ham and leek pies she’d picked up at the French market. Cory and I headed down to the pub with the baby for some Wi-Fi (we can’t figure out the password at my mom’s) and Cory had a half pint.


a beautiful school as seen from my mom’s back porch


Miss E on the rocky beach


Miss P and Cory acting silly in front of an old phone booth


The flowers here are so beautiful!


It’s Miss P’s six month birthday already!

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