Travel Day 2:
We visited the town of Brighton, just up the road from my mother’s flat in Shoreham-by-Sea. Brighton is quite a hip and artsy metropolis on the southern seashore, Britain’s San Francisco, if you will. We popped in and out of some cute shops. I’m on the hunt for some comfortable and stylish walking shoes for the trip. I may just have to splurge on a pair of Dr. Martens while I’m here.




A cute flower shop, E checking out some herself and some Brighton goods.

We stopped and had fish and chips which E seemed to be very fond of. That says a lot as she is very picky. While she does love French fries chips she’s iffy with meats. She thinks I was lying to her when I told her french fries are called chips here, and chips are crisps.

A couple of pints with the fish and chips (I was so excited about the meal I forgot to get a photo!)

We then walked down to the Brighton pier. The weather was very cooperative today. The sun was shining in an intermittently clear sky (it is Britain, after all) and there was just enough of a cool ocean breeze to make it a pleasant sightseeing day. The pier opened in 1899 and boasts arcades, restaurants and food vendors, and an amusement park. E rode the carousel and a”toddler roller coaster”. She yelled out ” Hi Mommy” every time she passed by and she cried when the ride was over. I was shocked that she stayed in her car on the roller coaster and generally appeared to like it as she has been known to scream hysterically when I put 75 cents in one of the mall rides that just shakes in place for 90 seconds. She was a bit concerned about being followed too closely by the girl in the Barbie car behind her though.
Brighton Pier sign.

“Family photo” P was asleep in my Ergo and E refused to turn around for the photo.

Carousel riders.

oh no, the ride is over!

Little engineer.

Oma treated her to a yummy ice cream cone with a Flake. A Flake is a milk chocolate bar consisting of thin sheets of milk chocolate folded into a finger-like bar. They are typically stuffed into a vanilla soft-serve ice cream on a cone. From personal experience I think they taste like stale chocolate. But my toddler appears to be a huge fan. She does eat her own boogers though.



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2 thoughts on “Brighton

  1. Anna

    Lovely photos! Loving following your family adventures.

  2. Kim

    Wow–shocked! You don’t like flakes??! Sooooo yummy! I have pics of Max on that carousel from 2011!

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