Boot Sale


Car Boot Sale and a Proper Sunday Roast

I LOVE yard sales and bargain hunting! But in England they have made the yard sale even better. It’s called a car boot sale. The yards are way too small and the streets, hard to park on, so instead, people load up their cars with their unwanted wares and head to a huge open field to sell their stuff. Today my mother’s Irish friend, Therrie, picked us up in her tiny Nissan to take us to one such sale. And bargains we did find! Clothes for me and the girls as well as some great books, like All about Scabs, a strange and gross book from the same book series as Everyone Poops and toys, like a Jack in the Box.


After working up quite the appetite shopping, we met Cory and E at a new pub for a Proper Sunday Roast. You had your choice of turkey or beef and it came served with peas, carrots, corn, boiled and some sort of fried potato, as well as Yorkshire pudding and a small square of stuffing. I thought it was okay but Cory was not impressed. He’s ready for more fish and chips.

Amazingly, we all have gotten some extra sun while here. England isn’t known for it’s great weather but it’s been quite warm and sunny. The weather does tend to be a little fickle, going from warm and sunny to cloudy and cool with rain very quickly. So far it’s been a lot more enjoyable than Houston!


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