I’ll Be Glad When This Day is Over

I’ve struggled with whether I should even write about today. I’m still searching for some positives to it and I hate admitting that things do go wrong for me sometimes. But here goes. Maybe we will save another traveler from the same demise.

I have been looking forward to a cruise on the Rhine River. It is a very scenic ride featuring quaint villages,many castles and beautiful vineyards. And the bonus was it is completely free if you are a eurail pass holder. So I researched and found we’d do best to take the train south and then take the boat half way back up the river then catch the train for the last of the journey. We were to leave at 6:53 am and arrive about a half hour before the ship’s departure at 9:30.

Perhaps the fact that the baby had a poosplosion on the hotel bed just before we were to leave should’ve set my radar off that this would not be a good day for us. But we pushed on. We had just enough time to grab breakfast in the train station, coffee and a pastry for me, yogurt and banana for Cory. I asked him for money just before we parted ways to our breakfast shops. I quickly pulled €5 from his wallet and handed it back. We each got our breakfast and had just enough time to get on the first train. We road that train for about an hour then switched to the second hour journey on another train. A group of older German women were on our train heading a few stops beyond us. They adored Miss P and she smiled right back at them.

Once at the Bingen train station we headed to the dock. While Cory stood in line I changed the second poopy diaper! As we met back up to board the ship he asked me if I still had his wallet. This is about where the sound of the record scratching would come in on the Hollywood screen.

Um, I didn’t have your wallet.

Panicked we searched all pant pockets, and the nearly limitless pockets of the back pack, three times…no wallet. Panic mode set in. I have no idea how much it costs to text message in Germany but I had my mom checking the bank account IMMEDIATELY. All was fine. Now the next worry. If we cancel the credit and debit cards how are we going to finish our trip?

We boarded the ship (probably should’ve done the train instead) and rode to Bacarach, a few stops downstream, to catch the train back to Köblenz, the next big station. The train we needed pulled out of the station just as we got there leaving us to wait for another hour. We finally made it to Köblenz and found the information desk where a nice young man informed us after some research that the wallet had been turned in at Ingelheim (probably the nice old ladies from earlier). We caught the next train back south and got out at Ingelheim. The woman at the information desk informed us that it was taken to the funt(something or other) and in a mixture of German and English tried giving us directions. We finally found it after about 15-20 minutes but it was closed. It was about 2 o’clock. What the $!#*?!?! And they don’t open until 1 pm tomorrow. What kind of hours are these?!?! I am shocked I did not end up screaming or crying!

So back to the train again for a two hour trip back to the hotel. And just before needing to board Miss P had another poosplosion, this time on me and up her back. Really?!?! These diapers are doing nothing but aiming the poo out the backside! So we quickly changed her and got on the train.

So here’s my list of positives, please add any others you can think of to help lift my spirits!
• The wallet was found (although I’m still waiting on actual confirmation).
• I got to see many of the sights I wanted to see on the cruise ship, just from the window of the train…several times.
• My toddler was with her grandma, not us. I may have thrown myself in front of a train had she been there!
• We’re now becoming experts of the train system.

I just pray that we can get the wallet tomorrow before heading all the way to Munich!

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One thought on “I’ll Be Glad When This Day is Over

  1. Sue Ward

    as they say… one day you will look back and laugh… it should all be uphill from here right???

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