All Aboard


We spent most of the day sampling western Germany’s vast train system. Just to keep us on our toes most trains were running late but we made it to Ingelheim and the lost wallet has been claimed and there is not a cent missing. Thank God for sweet little gray-haired German ladies that remind me of my grandmothers!

We also figured out how to locate the first class trains. I purchased first class tickets for us since we were going to be predominantly using the train. On some trains you even get beverage and food service. Cory is going to have a beer and I just finished my complimentary snack bag of Gümmi bears.

We were able to have Berliners for breakfast, basically a plum jelly-filled doughnut. No pictures though but I don’t anticipate those being the last of the Berliners on this trip.

We are currently on a train to Munich and will be staying there for the next 4 nights. On the agenda is Dachau, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles, and a bicycle tour of the city. We did a bicycle tour of Barcelona and loved it. I highly recommend them when visiting big cities early in your visit. That way you get an idea of the layout of the city and can determine what sights deserve a closer look. The tour guides are typically from English speaking countries and have a great knowledge of local culture and history. They are also great persons to ask where the best places to eat are. I have fond memories of tapas and paella in Spain thanks to our tour guide.


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5 thoughts on “All Aboard

  1. Nice pic … enjoy the rest of your trip

  2. Did you happen to get a chance to step outside the train station while in Cologne? Seeing the Cathedral when you first step out from the train station is awe inspiring due to the sheer mass of the structure.

    • Yes, we did. Each day we walked through the train station and came out to the steps in front of the Dom. It is breathtaking! Cologne was a lovely city.

  3. Angel

    How do you do a bike tour with a toddler and a baby? Do they have bike trailers?

    • The two main bike tour groups in Munich offer bike seats and trailers at no extra charge. Thankfully, our toddler is still with my mom, but the baby rode in the seat behind Cory. For older kids, they even have the tandem bike with an adult sized seat and child sized seat (can’t remember what that type of bike is called).

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