Today we took a bike tour of Munich. Our tour guide with Mike’s Bike Tours is a very comical Aussie named James. I think I would’ve liked and retained a lot more history if my history teachers were more like him. I will say Coach Hemphill in middle school and Coach Koch in high school kept things interesting, but the years in between are a blur.

It was a sweltering 95•F today. Ugh! I left Texas to get away from the heat! I wish I could say the baby loved the tour but she screamed most of the time we rode. But we stopped frequently and I was able to calm her in between. Of course, she passed out the last 5 minutes of the trip.

We saw many interesting sites today and stopped at some beautiful buildings and monuments, had a refreshing dip in a river (well Cory did while I nursed P), had lunch in the Chinese beer garden, and even saw some naked sunbathers. It was interesting to learn that many buildings in Munich are not that old because so much was damaged during the war. But many buildings were rebuilt according to the original plans. The English Garden was a beautiful park that the locals seemed to thoroughly enjoy. We even saw some surfing (no kidding) in the river. The beer garden was great fun. There was traditional German music, beer, men in lederhosen and delicious food. Cory had the currywurst (sausage covered in a tangy curry sauce – not our favorite) and I finally had a pretzel with Obatzda (a delicious cheese mixture). By the end of the day my ideas of Munich have changed. Maybe this isn’t such bad city after all.

Castles tomorrow! I gotta get up early so Auf Wederesen for now!












*Miss P chillin’ in her bike seat
Beautiful Bavarian buildings
King Ludwig I statue – Ludwig said the statue made him look fat, old, and ugly and as if he was using the bathroom. He forbid it to be placed in public. It was erected after his death.
Our tour guide having fun with the tourists
Inside of Theatinekirche, beautiful white carvings
My beer and pretzel
Chinese beer garden tower
Our tour group

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