It was a somber visit to Dachau today. The extermination of 6 million Jews and many others is heartbreaking. I cannot imagine the torture they were subjected to. Please remember that while it is not occurring on the same scale there are many who are experiencing similar persecutions around the world. I’ll let the few photographs tell most of the story, but the devastation and heartbreak you feel while visiting a former concentration camp cannot be expressed in words or photos. 20130804-174603.jpg












* the courtyard where prisoners had to line up twice daily for hours for roll call
* photo of roll call, if you can read the captions below the photo for survivor recollections
* standard prisoner issued uniform; cloth shoes, pockets were sewn into the pants but prisoners were not allowed to place their hands in them (even in the cold Bavarian winter)
* identifying patches present on the uniforms
* bunks
* the foundations of the 34 bunk houses that housed the thousands of prisoners at Dachau
* two of the 5 crematorium incinerators at Dachau (32,000 documented deaths and many undocumented more beyond that number)
* photo of many dead in front of the crematorium 😦
* memorial art representing the identifying patches worn on the uniforms
* never again/ nie wieder
* “the unknown prisoner” “To honor the dead, to warn the living”

Check out these sites for more in depth information for anyone interested:
Dachau Scrapbook
Dachau Memorial Official Site

We took this tour and would highly recommend James: In Their Shoes Tour

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