Auf Wiedersehen München!

Today we leave on a 4 hour train ride for Switzerland. Our time at the castles Saturday gave us a taste of the Alps and the desire for more. But I will miss Munich. Funny, when we got here I was thinking I’d made a terrible mistake booking us here for 4 nights. Our hotel is old and not the loveliest of hotels but it has a friendly staff (except the bartender that refused to fill 2 cups with ice for Cory tonight) and is just steps from the hauptbanhoff (central train station). It is also a few steps from a seedy strip club, but we won’t talk about that.

In the afternoon after our tour of Dachau we went to another beer garden. Cory got another currywurst and a pretzel and orbatz (“German pimento cheese) and I had a knodel, a delicious baseball-sized dumpling covered in a brown gravy. No photos yet again but in my defense I was afraid it would rain on us so I hurriedly ate.

Last night we headed down to the Marianplatz, an old section of Munich with shopping, restaurants, cathedrals, fountains, intricately carved buildings and many street musicians. The more I saw, the longer I wanted to stay to learn more about the history of the city and the symbolism of the statues and carvings.

In the morning before our train we head back through Marianplatz to the Viktualienmarkt, a daily market where you can buy fruits and veggies, lots of meats, flowers, breads and pastries, souvenirs, etc. I had Meusli mixed with milk and yogurt for breakfast. I would’ve liked it tons more if it had been made with something other than plain yogurt. And was that buttermilk? Very lip-puckering!

We headed to Zurich and took a street car out to the lake and had dinner in a beer garden. Tomorrow we’re off to Lucerne to meet my mom and to see E again. Oh how I’ve missed that sweet little troublemaker, but if she’d been with us I think I’d be ready to pack my bags and go home by now! Oh toddlerhood, how crazy you make me! 🙂20130805-223844.jpg20130805-223947.jpg20130805-224018.jpg20130805-224216.jpg20130805-224254.jpg20130805-224303.jpg20130805-224317.jpg












1. Fountain at entrance of Karlstor (Karl’s gate)
2. Fountain
3. Close up of fountain
4. Towers of Theatinekirche behind Michaelskirche
5. München monk
6. München monk
7. München monk
8. Altes Rathaus (Old Townhall) – Now a toy museum
9. Neus Rathaus (New Townhall)
10. Glockenspiel of the Neus Rathaus
11. Gargoyle inside courtyard of Neus Rathaus
12. Dragon adornment on a building
13. Small cobblestones side street
14. Viktualienmarkt
15. Flowers at the Viktualienmarkt
16. Seafood market
17. Seafood market
18. Hauling the empty beer bottles at a Munich Beer garden

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4 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen München!

  1. Munich is lovely, but for some reasons I don’t recall much as of it besides it being ridiculously cold when I was there (during Christmas)!

    • And I get to experience it being ridiculously hot! I’m glad it isn’t cold though. Being a Texas girl I can’t handle that kind of cold. Did you go to the Christmas Market?

      • You bet! And we went to Dacau, which was even more eerie in the white snow!

      • I was thinking of how much more of an impact would make in the cold. To think of being a prisoner there in cloth shoes, no fatty insulation, and you couldn’t even use your pockets! So heartbreaking!

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