We arrived in Lucerne after a short train ride from Zurich yesterday afternoon. We rented a small apartment about a 10 minute walk from the train station. JC, the person we rented the place from met us at the train station so she could show us to the apartment and the around the neighborhood. The apartment is sparse but has all that we need for our stay, beds a kitchen and a bathroom. There is no air conditioning and it’s a bit uncomfortable in mid day but is lovely at night when the windows are open and there is a nice breeze throughout.

Mom and E arrived a few hours later for Geneva. I walked down to the train station to meet them and show them back to our place. We all relaxed a bit before heading out to the tourist information center, a cafe for wi-fi and grocery store for a little food. We found that there is a daily walking tour from the information center every morning and decided we would check it out. Once again, I love the city tours so you can learn the way around, get some history, and discover where you want to further explore. We had a small meal and some beer for mom and Cory at a little French cafe, but did not find wi-Fi. It was so nice to sit outside as the day cooled down. We then popped into the grocery store that had all we needed at quite a price. A small cup of instant macaroni and cheese is about $6!!!!! Yikes! I wish my kid was not so picky.

As we were checking out at the store it started to rain, not a sprinkle but a full on deluge with complimenting thunder and hail even! We waited for awhile but then decided to make a run for it. We ran from awning to awning trying to keep as dry as possible but we were mostly unsuccessful.

This morning we woke up and went back to the tourist information office to join the tour. Our guide was a very knowledgable woman and she took us for a leisurely walk through the town. We saw the new concert hall, the Kappelbrücke, a beautiful wooden bridge, several churches, fresco-adorned houses, old cobblestone roads, fountains, and lovely views of the lake, city, and surrounding mountains. We stopped for a small lunch of a pretzel sandwich and sausage a sauerkraut. Mom and Cory had a beer that was brewed on site. Since my initial disappointment with the sauerkraut in Germany I’ve been hesitant to try it again. I was pleased with today’s sauerkraut, the perfect blend of sour and crisp. It was probably canned!

The addition of a toddler to our group has been stressful. She loves running away from us, heading straight for something dangerous, like a busy street, the water, a train track! I must say, I love my daughter but vacationing with a toddler is NOT a vacation. Thank you, Oma Sue, for keeping her for the week. We are eternally grateful!

For those of you traveling, especially with family, inside or outside the USA, I highly recommend looking into renting a house or apartment. If you’re a solo traveler, you can even rent a single room. It’s often times less expensive than staying in a hotel and is a much more comfortable home-like experience. We’ve done it before in San Francisco and it was a perfect way for us to stay in an expensive city. We were able to make meals in the large kitchen and we had our own rooms to retreat to. We were close to the buses and trains and about 15 minutes from the wharf and even closer to the Golden Gate park. The hosts were easily reached by phone if we had problems or questions and they even left there sweet, shy kitty with us.

Check out Air BNB, Home Away and . They have places to fit all budgets and tastes. Some of the homes belong on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or MTV Cribs for those too young to remember Robin Leach.



























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2 thoughts on “Lucerne

  1. Holy cow! I walked across that bridge when I was 16! I am living vicariously through you. I spoke with Perry Jameson today and he wanted to say hi. He also said he must be doing something wrong when I told him where you guys were. 🙂 Love your posts! Enjoy!

    • Lucerne was wonderful! I just wish the weather had been more cooperative! It was rainy for 3/4 of our visit.
      I’m not sure if what we’re doing is ‘right’ but it sure beats the hell out of working! 😉

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