Well, I’ve leveled the playing field. Cory may have lost (and retrieved) his wallet but I got us to the rental car place an hour after closing (for the entire weekend). Yeah, I totally forgot the place closed at noon and didn’t reopen until Monday. Renting this car was the whole reason we lugged two car seats to Germany and Switzerland and why we were to stay at our current place for the entire weekend. It was how we were going to explore Schwarzwald (The Black Forest) on our own. 

This morning we left Lucerne earlier than planned putting us into Freiburg, Germany at 12:55 pm. We got to the train station and of course the rental car place was not nearby. Google directions said for Cory to take a bus for 3 minutes and then walk for 23 minutes in a serpentine fashion but we decided to pay €18 for a taxi. We loaded up and secured the girls in their car seats for the ten minute ride. The man dropped us off, unloaded our stuff, we paid, he left, we then realized, in the middle of nowhere, that we were SOL. I called the rental car number…blah, blah, blah in German then it hung up on me. I called our hotel which is 30 minutes from Freiburg in Rust and in broken English she said go to the train station and ask at the information center.

We decided to see if we could find a bus back to the train station so we walked in the direction Cory had seen one pass. We passed an elderly woman using a walker and Cory pulled out some German asking how to get to the train station. She said a bunch of stuff, gestured a lot, Cory nodded and thanked her and she walked away. Apparently he didn’t understand everything but felt we were on the right path. We quickly came across a bus stop but could not make heads or tails of it. Pretty soon the little old lady came back by us and told us we needed to go further. Then this 90 year old (I’m not exaggerating here) woman led us not just to the bus/tram but on it and all the way to the train station!!!! While on the tram another woman saw we looked lost and offered in English to help us. She pulled out her handy iPhone and found the correct train and bus we needed to take. So here we are at Rust/Europark. Don’t ever let anyone speak ill of the Germans! 

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