Farewell Switzerland


Here’s a post from before my rental car mess up. We could only access Internet on Cory’s iPod so I was unable to post it.

Today was our last full day in Switzerland. The weather has been rainy and cool the last couple of days and so it hasn’t been the most exciting time but it’s been relaxing and a relief to cool off a bit. We got to explore Lucerne some. We walked along the city wall and climbed the old clock tower and made it to the top at noon. Well, one minute before noon but the old clock chimes one minute earlier than all the other clocks in Lucerne. It was not nearly as loud as I’d expected. It was nice to hear the other bells in the city ring in response as we were perched atop the city.

Unfortunately, we did not get to travel to the top of Mt. Pilatus as we had hoped. The weather was just not cooperative. But we took a spontaneous hour scenic train ride to the skiing village of Engleberg. I finally got to see the Switzerland of my dreams…mountains, crystal clear lakes, Swiss chalets, cows, and cheese! We walked to an old monastery and watched cheese making while eating some delicious fondue and checking off Swiss experience number 2 on my list. We picked up our Swiss Christmas ornament, a small cowbell.

Tomorrow we head to Scwarzwald (The Black Forest Region) in Germany. Cory will hopefully get his Autobahn experience as we’ve rented a car. I hope to see cuckoo clocks, Grimm fairy tale-esque scenery, and to try some yummy Black Forest Cake. I’m not sure how the Internet situation will be there but I’ll update ASAP.

*Photos of Engleberg will be posted later. We used my mom’s smaller camera and I cannot upload them onto my iPad. Because of the rain we did not take a bunch of photos while here. I’ll just have to buy a few postcards instead.

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