Frankfurt and Revisiting the Rhine

Frankfurt is the nearest large city to where Cory lived when his father worked in Germany. That is why I added it to the travel itinerary. The plan was to visit the area he had grown up in, but time did not allow this. Instead, on our first day we decided to take in some sites in the Römer area of Frankfurt. We headed out after a nap. I hadn’t realized it had cooled down quite a bit and therefore hadn’t dressed myself or the girls appropriately, so first stop was buying cheap tops for me and E. The area was ok but certainly not the most beautiful scenery seen on our trip. We got a few photos in the plaza and on one of the bridges (the locks are placed on the bridges here by couples) over the Main River before it started to rain. And rain it did. Cory had to put E in the carrier and I had P in mine. We ducked under building awnings as we ran back to the train station. We stopped to eat and wait out the rain. Of course, the rain let up while we ate and started back before we finished.







The next day we decided we would try the Rhine cruise again since the lost wallet made our initial cruise rather unenjoyable and short. We got up and had breakfast. I left the camera battery and E’s entertainment (an iPod) plugged in to charge. At the end of breakfast I realized we had to rush to catch the train. I ran upstairs to get our stuff while Cory stayed downstairs with the girls. We got to the nearby station in time to get on board and rode to the central station. As we found the correct platform Cory asked me if I remembered her iPod. Uh Oh! I forgot that AND the camera battery! Cory decided to try and make it in the remaining 15 minutes back to the hotel to retrieve the forgotten things. As fast as he ran, he missed the train by a few minutes so we decided to take a later cruise and caught the next train. The day was intermittently cloudy causing the boat ride to be cool on occasion, but mostly it was beautiful with lovely scenery quaint little towns, vineyards and remodeled and ruined castles. The cruise is available going up or downstream of the Middle Rhine (the middle portion of the river, extending about 120 km). There are over 40 castle ruins visible, some which have been rebuilt as well as a ton of vineyards growing white grapes, mostly to make my favorite wine, Riesling. We ended the cruise in Sankt (St.) Goar, a charming little town, and had some schnitzel. The train ride back to Frankfurt even took us through Ingelheim, the town of the lost and now funt (found) wallet.














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