One Final Cologne Visit

We caught a train to Frankfurt’s Central Station after checking out of our hotel. We were early for the train I was aiming for but saw an earlier train heading to Köln and hopped on it. Unfortunately we didn’t realize it wasn’t Cologne’s main station and ended up in Dusseldörf. Not a big deal as we were able to catch another train heading back into Cologne.

The familiar spires of the Dom welcomed us back to where we started our German-Swiss journey. It almost felt as if we were home.

Since we now had E with us I had booked us into an apartment instead of a hotel for the extra room. What I’d failed to realize was the check-in was just outside the main train station but the apartment was a mile down the river near the chocolate museum. So off we headed, Cory with 35 pound E in the Boba Carrier, his backpack and a suitcase and car seat and me with P in my Ergo carrier, a backpack, and a car seat. Let me just stop and say I am amazed our luggage/car seat covers survived all the wheeling over cobblestone streets! Both girls slept on our long walk. We arrived just as they were finishing preparing the place for our one night stay.

We settled in for a bit then headed across the street to the Lindt’s Chocolate Museum. It was not nearly as enjoyable as I had planned. E did not sleep well or long enough so she was in meltdown/hyperactive mode. We quickly chased her from room to room. Cory stopped to take photos of some of the informational plaques. I was especially interested in the information on Ecuador’s cocoa production since we’ll soon be living there. The museum, situated on the Rhine River with beautiful panoramic views, was interesting, especially the area where you could witness the actual chocolate production process. They also had tastings. Delicious! You could even special order chocolate bars with your choice of additions, like candies, dried fruits, and nuts.

They had a cafe that served some decadent desserts. We ordered a slice of a chocolate cake that was layers of chocolate mouse and chocolate sponge cake atop a thin cookie crust. WOW! I also got a few things in the gift store for gifts and personal enjoyment.

That evening I decided we would venture outside the tourist district in search of Schnitzel the size of your head! From the advice of Trip Advisor we headed to Bei Oma Kleinmann. I was aware that it was difficult to get a table without a reservation so I was hoping that showing up early would help us get a seat. We took two trains down towards the University district. When we walked into the small pub we saw all the tables had reserved signs. I asked if they had room for us. The waitress looked as if she’d say “no” but said we could take one of the reserved tables as it was not needed for 30 more minutes. I had studied the menu and decided I wanted the Schnitzel Westfäliches (topped with 2 fried eggs) and Cory ordered the Jäger Schnitzel (with a mushroom gravy). About 10 minutes later out came Schnitzel that hung off the edges of our dinner plates nestled atop fried potatoes! They were delicious, but Cory preferred the gravy he had in Frankfurt. I give it top ratings though, very worth the train rides!






E at the Schokolade Museum
Making a personalized candy bar order at the Schokolade Museum
The schnitzel at Bei Oma Kleinmann’s
Spaetzle for E
Green Beans for P
E’s favorite method of travel

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