Typical British Weather


Today was mostly a day of rest, recovery and laundry. But, we’re still on vacation and we’re used to walking and sightseeing. So I decided, despite the misty, windy day we would go on a walk up to Lancing College that is visible from my mother’s balcony on a hill of the South Downs across the River Adur. Lancing College is an independent predatory coeducation boarding school that was started in 1848. The cost per pupil per year is £30,000 (abt. $45,000). Yikes! Maybe we shouldn’t have quit our jobs?!?!

My mother took E too the circus and Cory, P and I headed out on our 3 mile trek to the college.
Our journey took us alongside the Shoreham airport where we’ve been hearing them practice for the upcoming Battle of Britain Airshow. We even watched two biplanes take off. Walking up the road to the college we passed a beautiful field with a small stream, Ladywell Stream, and grazing horses. The campus is dominated by the Gothic revival chapel, the largest school chapel in the world. Unfortunately, we arrived after opening hours. I may just walk back to check out the interior!

On our walk back we went by St. Nicolas Church, Shoreham’s oldest church. It was founded in 900 AD and retains some of the original building but has been altered some over the years. It was getting a bit more rainy and P was a unhappy by then so I got a few photos before we hurried back for a cuppa at my mom’s flat to warm up. We met my mum and E as they were returning from the circus. Her favorite part was the ‘elephant’ and ‘bear’ (no live animals in this circus, just people dressed as animals).








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