La Finca



The rooster visited again yesterday morning at 6 am so P and I woke to see the sunrise over the mountains. I made pancakes with little measuring devices. I followed a recipe as closely as I could but did have to add more flour (I thought it was the measuring but I saw others had similar complaints and we all can’t be missing measuring cups) Wouldn’t you know I would find the measuring cups and spoons AFTER making them? Nevertheless, they turned out to be delicious. I made a syrup from blackberries from the farm for mine. Yummy! E had Nutella on hers, equally delicious.



After we had breakfast Luzbia came by to take us on a little tour. We, of course, had to visit the bunnies. E asks me every 10 minutes if she can visit them! We also checked out the chickens and turkeys. The turkeys crack me up as they gobble, gobble, gobble in unison. Luzbia said the roosters are fighting roosters. She was surprised when I told her that was illegal in the US. 😦 We then walked up to see the pigs, two of which had farrowed (gave birth) a few weeks earlier.




We also saw my day’s trout (trucha) farm and had an impromptu fishing session. The girls and I returned to the house while Cory and Luzbia stayed to fish (pescar). Luzbia caught one before we left and E freaked out when we tried to take her picture with it. Luzbia apparently hooked herself in the eyelid after we left. Yikes! The doctor took good care of her and thank God she did not injure her eye. Check out the gorgeous view from the fishing pond!




Luzbia also showed me around the garden. They have onions, Swiss Chard, potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce, radishes, soy beans, pole beans, cilantro and carrots. I was inspired to make some yummy stuff. So last night we ate fresh trout stuffed with rice and braised Swiss Chard ( my first time eating Swiss Chard). Cory wasn’t a fan but I thought it tasted pretty good.



Here’s a link to the braised Swiss Chard recipe. P and I liked it, Cory didn’t andit’s nearly impossible to get E to touch anything green. 🙂

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