El Mercado


Our Saturday was a fairly lazy one. We hung around the house and Luzbia’s son came to visit us. We played with E’s letters and animals and, of course, the ever popular iPod. I made a strawberry bunt cake but I am going to have to get used to this baking in higher elevations. Most of my life I have lived at sea level so this is all new to me. I will have to add more butter to the recipe next time to moisten it up. It was good practice for E’s third birthday on the 24th. 20130915-163732.jpg




Today we visited the market in Saraguro. We found some local produce and enjoyed seeing the local indigenous people as much as they enjoyed seeing us fair-skinned, blue-eyed foreigners. The indigenous people are direct descendants of the Incas. They are short in stature, but have very strong personalities. The men and women work hard alongside one another. The women are often carrying a baby on their backs and they dress in handmade dresses with fine jeweled adornments. The men wear pants that reach mid-calf and small hats and often have long braided hair. Many of them still speak Quechua, their native language. I loved seeing them and their beautiful smiles on their sun-worn faces.

We bought plenty of vegetables and fruit for pennies. Nothing cost me more than 2 dollars and that was a full sack of oranges. I got 5 mangoes for $1! There were many fruits and vegetables I’ve never seen or heard of. They had some meats. They even had an entire pig and they were slicing off strips of skin the locals loved to eat. I don’t think the man I took a photo of eating it appreciated me taking his photo. See the strip of pork skin?










We stopped for lunch at a local restaurant that actually buys the trout from my father’s farm. Wouldn’t you know I forgot to take a photo of our meals but I can definitely say they were delicious! I had churrascos (a thin grilled strip of beef with fried eggs, rice and French fries) and Cory had fillet de pollo apanado (thin strips of chicken breaded and fried with French fries and rice). Cory wanted cuy (grilled whole guinea pig) but they did not have any today. I’m a little thankful, but I’m sure before we leave Ecuador he will find some. P enjoyed they avocado. I must say that it was the best avocado I’ve ever had, kinda hard to share.









Here’s some great information on the indigenous people of Saraguro.

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