Una Aventura


Yesterday I decided I wanted to check out my father’s property a little more. He told me he had some fruit trees below the back patio. So after the girls napped I put P in my Ergo and we got ready to go on an adventure. The terrain was a bit scary, especially with a baby on your back. There was plenty of loose soil and rocks and cacti and agave plants to make it a bit uninviting but the climb was worth it. We arrived at a beautiful stream complete with a waterfall surrounded by plantain trees and other local fruits (tomate de arbol, plantains, grenadines). I think Cory’s inner Bear Grylls was coming out and he may make another solo trip down later. Miss P decided to nap during the adventure.






On our climb back up we stopped to pick blackberries. The views were magnificent. Miss E loved helping.






I did some laundry. I am glad I’m able to start using my cloth diapers again! It makes me feel more earthy.And I also made a delicious dinner of black beans and rice, fresh tomatoes, onions and cilantro, and fried plantains. E ate two bowls for dinner and one for breakfast today! Miss P LOVES mango. She did pretty good with her first taste of steamed broccoli.






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2 thoughts on “Una Aventura

  1. Rita Clark

    What a wonderful blog! Great photos…guess I missed my shot at meeting them…my loss. But sure enjoy watching you on Life’s adventures.

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