En el Jardín


After my early morning and writing yesterday’s post, we took a 10 minute bumpy ride down to my father’s other land. We headed down the mountain from my father’s main farm with the dogs and Tulio, Luzbia and Tulio’s sister heading towards the valley. Apparently it’s warmer there but it was so windy I couldn’t tell a temperature difference. The surrounding mountain and valley views were marvelous. Across from the farm was a large mountain with an interesting archaeological site of an Incan burial ground. How fascinating would that be to visit?


20130921-064700.jpg Incan burial site.

They had beans and corn coming up nicely and plenty more tilled land for more planting. We saw a small bunch of plantains and there was also sugar cane. The sugar cane plant turning brown is an indicator it is ready. We found a couple ripe ones and sampled the harvest. E was not a fan of all the work that goes into extracting the sweet juice but P liked the candied, firm cane. I think it felt good on those two teeth trying to pop through. Oh God, when will they make their appearance so I can have my darling, even-tempered baby back (until the next teeth come in)?





We also walked down to a small pond that contained some tiny baby tilapia. The two retrievers enjoyed swimming in it and Toby (back lab) loved chasing after the rocks a giggling Miss E kept throwing into the water. Poor Canela (blonde terrier) got tossed in by Tulio, but I think she secretly liked the bath.




After lunch and afternoon naps (well E decided to skip hers) Luzbia came by and we did some planting. We planted twelve different herbs in small pots and then some more veggies in the garden. Hopefully we’ll have some pintos, squash, artichoke, onion, pole beans, kale, spinach, and broccoli soon. I think that harvest will be worth the 1 1/2 to two hour trip from Cuenca. Cory was still napping when we started planting so I had both girls. E loved finding worms in the soil and P kept trying to eat the dirt (and rocks, and grass…)!




We are on the hunt for a place to rent in Cuenca. Hopefully we will find something furnished in a fun area soon. Although secretly I don’t mind staying here longer. So far I’m barely missing all the things I thought I would. It would be nice to have central heat for the chilly nights and be just a bit closer to a bigger store and a restaurant when I don’t feel like cooking. 🙂

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