Esta Viento

Here I am up with the rooster again today. It’s better than the night before where I was up, most of the night, BEFORE the rooster. Miss P is working on her two top incisors so sleeping can be difficult. I think they will have worked their way through by her 8 month (and her sister’s 3 year) birthday on the 24th.

Yesterday it was very chilly, cloudy, and windy with bouts of misty rain. The farm house is drafty so sometimes it’s even warmer being outside if the sun is shining. Yes, there is no heat or air conditioning here. I’m very thankful for the electric blanket! I did get out my father’s seed collection and E and I planted a pot of flowers. I plan on sowing some vegetable seeds today once Luzbia shows me where there is free space in the garden. I am also going to plant an herb garden off the back patio, perfect for cooking.

I wish I could move civilization a little closer than 2 hours away so we could just stay here but I know Cory is itching to get out and explore and find some English speakers and cable television! I am also very excited about the Montessori school E will attend. The children are taught in four different languages, English, Spanish, French, and American Sign Language. I have also met via email a few contacts from the US whose children have just begun or will be starting the program. It’ll be nice to meet some younger Americans and not just hang out with retirees while we are there. Not that there is anything wrong with retirees, it’s just that it’s nice to have friends that are in the same stage of life as yourself.

Last night we had a nice family dinner. E read us a story while I cooked and P enjoyed listening to it. I made spaghetti with a delicious tomato sauce full of veggies (zucchini, carrots, Swiss chard, and onions) from the garden. Maybe I should’ve shredded some radishes in it too but I forgot about them. I also made a fresh salad with the lettuce and carrots from the garden and the rest was from the Saraguro market. E loved the noodles with butter, Parmesan, and pepper while P had her first try of spaghetti noodles. They were very sticky and difficult to eat but they kept her entertained. She really wanted my spaghetti and sauce but I wasn’t interested in cleaning up the extra mess last night. Perhaps today she can try some of that delectable, chock-full-of-goodness sauce today. It will be followed by bath time me thinks. 😉








*I was going to upload the video of E reading her book to us but I am not paying $60 for video capability on my blog so if you are my Facebook friend, it will be there for you to enjoy the cuteness overload.

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