Today was another quiet day. I needed to head to the bank in the small town of Oña to make a withdrawal in case I need to make a deposit on an apartment in Cuenca. We went into town and to the little old bank. I found the withdrawal slip and filled it out as best I could. It’s been a long time since I’ve withdrawn money by actually going up to the teller rather than using an ATM machine. I found it quite strange that while I was at the counter an older local gentleman came and stood right next to me as I waited for my money. It was unnerving but I think he really just wanted some help filling out his form. He had to head back over to the deposit/withdrawal slips several times while we were in there.

After I got my money we decided to let E play in the town plaza. One of the things I adore about the towns in Ecuador are the town square plazas. They are kept immaculately neat, many people gather there, especially on the weekends, and they are abloom with beautiful flowers. At ten am on a Thursday it was rather quiet. E loved the fountain and running around it. I enjoyed people watching. I think I’m as fascinated by the locals (their dress, their dark skin and Incan features, and their sweet, welcoming demeanor) as they are by us (our blue eyes, fair skin, and light hair).







The rest of the day was a repeat of many previous days but enjoyable nonetheless. We visited the bunnies. They love E for bringing treats all the time and are rather tame now, running up to her when we enter their pen. I gathered veggies from the garden to make soup. I love that it is perfect weather for soup year round here. I made a delicious soup completely from the veggies in the garden (and tomatoes from the market). In addition to the tomatoes, the soup had Swiss chard, cabbage, potatoes, zucchini, onion, green beans, and carrots and I served it over noodles. Miss P LOVED the veggie-filled soup. I tried making radish chips to go with the meal but they taste like dirt to me no matter how you spice them up. Blech!
I put an overnight French toast in the fridge tonight using up our blackberries and strawberries. Yummy! I can’t wait until the rooster wakes me up!


Helping Mommy in the not-so-easy to baby-proof kitchen.

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2 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. The Borgmans

    Love the photos. Looks like you took the short trip to town today. Your dad’s farm is pretty remote even from New Mexico standards. However, the views of the valley are awe-inspiring. Hope you are all doing well and thanks for keeping us updated. -Jeff

    • Yes, we are pretty remote here. Oña is the nearest town and if you blink you’ll miss it. The closest major cities, Loja and Cuenca, are about 2 hours away. Of course, with the mountains it takes twice as long to get anywhere.
      The views are spectacular. I am in awe of them every time I look out the window. 🙂

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