8 Months Old


Miss P turned 8 months the same day Miss E turned 3 years old, but I wanted the 24th to be E’s special day so I barely made mention of the occasion. So four days later I finally got around to taking some 8 month photos while “we” went fishing. And when I say “we,” I mean Cory and Luzbia. E is quite dangerous with a fishing rod (caña de pescar). She likes to swing the hook around so I was glad when she quickly lost interest. She much prefers throwing rocks, leaves and twigs into the water.
Cory caught a BIG one. See the eggs she had?
Luzbia let Miss E pull a fish she caught out of the water
Photo taken by a six year old 🙂
The six year old himself

So back to having an 8 month old. Having a 3 year old, I know how quickly time flies, but I think it goes by even faster the more children you have. Even my pregnancy and her birth went by quicker. I was content having Miss P stay in the warmth of my womb at least a week longer, until her due date, partly because I wanted to enjoy what will be my last pregnancy and partly because I had a hair appointment scheduled the day before her due date. But she decided she was ready to come out a week before she was ‘expected’. My water broke at 7 am with contractions following immediately after and three hours later (two of which were in a car on the way to the birth center) we welcomed 7 lb 7 oz Miss P into the family. She’s such a sweet, happy baby. Tranquila, Luzbia says. Happy 8 months, Miss P! Stop growing so fast! Love, Mommy.










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