7 days..7 things I won’t miss…..and 7 things I’m looking forward to at home…


We’re currently where the blue dot is and will soon be moving just north of it to Cuenca.

7 days..7 things I won’t miss…..and 7 things I’m looking forward to at home….

I have to laugh at these. We’ve been in Ecuador for about a month. 1. We’ve had NO TV. My dad has videos, some only in Spanish, like Valiente (Brave) my 3 year old watches over and over again because it’s the only animated movie we have that works in the DVD player. 2. We’re super isolated. We can go to the small market about 10 minutes away, the larger market 35 minutes away in Saraguro or get actual groceries 1 1/2 hours away in Cuenca or Loja. Thankfully, we have a nice garden. 4. I’m excited we’ll have a dryer after we move to Cuenca! 5. I HATE doing the dishes and it ALWAYS seems I missed one dish every time I do them. I tackle the giant pile (I somehow use every pot each meal) only to turn to find a (insert dish or utensil here) on the (insert table, counter, couch, TV, toddler’s hand…here). On our apartment hunt in Cuenca we only found ONE place with a dishwasher and that was a luxury newly built apartment. 6. We can’t stand the giant spiders and scorpions. Please, somebody tell me they don’t exist in the city? 7. Alone time…well this has been nonexistent for me since having my first child 3 years ago! I keep telling myself one day I’ll miss their dependence on me. I’d just settle for a date night with my husband!

We are unsure if or when we will return to the states. But I do miss baths and dishwashers. It’s definitely more difficult to get meat so, much to my husband’s disappointment, we’ve eaten semi-vegetarian. I’ve become quite creative in the kitchen with all the fresh fruits and veggies. My husband was very excited to have a good ol’ American meal of hamburgers, fries, and even s’mores for dessert tonight! I must say I miss convenient carry out. Even in Cuenca it’s not the same as the states. But for God’s sake sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking and/or doing dishes and I just want some quick Chinese takeout!

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