And the winner is…


So I worked hard to get the newly built stunning apartment with the views of a construction site at an affordable price but in the end someone was willing to pay full price for her. So we chose the apartment just down the road, “The Old Lady Apartment”. She may not be as nice but she has one more bedroom, all new appliances, including a washer and dryer, she’s in the same neighborhood, and rent is definitely cheaper. We could not have made a wrong decision with any of the four places as they each had their own pluses and minuses. Our final decision came down to location. Since the first choice was removed from the pool we chose the one that was the next closest to E’s new school.
We traveled to Cuenca today to leave our deposit and pick up our keys. After asking all the questions we had and unloading the car, we drove a few blocks up to eat pizza at E’s request. We then took a short stroll to check out the new barrio. It was good to see we have a small grocery store and plenty of small eateries within walking distance from the apartment. As I told my grandmother,

“We didn’t choose the apartment, the apartment chose us.”







Photos from our drive to Cuenca. Roasting pig, mountains, cows, and locals working hard.
20131005-083921.jpgThe girls brushing up on their Spanish thanks to Dora.

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