We haven’t been abducted…

So, it’s been about two weeks since I last posted. So sorry! We made the move to our new apartment and we’re adjusting to city life. When we moved in we had a bit of renter’s remorse. Of the 4 apartments we looked at it was the oldest and least updated, but the location was good and I liked that it had 3 bedrooms and lots of storage. The owners had filled the place with new furnishings too so it didn’t seem so old. Unfortunately, all the new stuff detracted our eyes from all the dirt and dust. We swept and mopped the floors 3 times before we could walk around the house and not end up with black feet! I took 2 hours to scrub the master bathroom clean. There was hair in the drain and I can attest to the fact that soaking a shower head in vinegar really does a great job cleaning the grime off of it! We decided to use the social bathroom (what they call the shared bathroom) solely for toilet and sink needs. It’s shower has become our suitcase storage, partly because I didn’t want to disinfect another shower and partly because we didn’t feel safe showering with exposed wires on the shower head. Now that the place is cleaner I like it a lot! I just wish the upstairs neighbor would taker her 3 inch heels off when walking through her apartment. Do you really need them on at 2 o’clock in the morning?20131019-202404.jpg



The hair in the drain and dirty floors. The white cloth was from cleaning the baby the day we moved in…acccckkkk!

Miss E started school. There are two other American children in the school and the rest are Ecuadorian children. Her teachers speak very little English. I can imagine how difficult it must be for her. For almost a week she would tell me she cried a lot during the day. So I decided we would stay with her for the day this past Thursday. The teacher told me that she had done great the previous day but she was afraid she would regress on Friday when we were not going to stay with her. I was concerned too, especially since she cried several times even though we were with her. Well, on Friday Cory dropped her off with no tears and the first thing she said to me when we picked her up was, “Mommy, I didn’t cry today!” She even asked several times about going to school this morning (Saturday).

So back to cleaning I will go. I will write more about Cuenca life soon. There is never a dull moment here, especially while driving. 🙂20131019-140627.jpg20131019-140644.jpg20131019-140723.jpg20131019-140737.jpg20131019-140806.jpg20131019-140831.jpg20131019-140857.jpg20131019-140911.jpgPhotos from our visit to the school and one of pre-school breakfast, a chocolate sprinkle donut.

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