Viva Cuenca!


This week was Halloween. It seemed strange to be in a country that does not ‘celebrate’ the holiday, especially with two young children. The larger holiday this weekend is Cuenca’s Independence Day. The weekend here is full of concerts (Mark Anthony, being the main attraction), fireworks, traditional dancers and artisan markets. I did dress the girls up on Halloween night in themed PJs though.



The weather here has been beautiful in the earlier day, while Miss E is at school, with rain nearly every afternoon foiling any plans to visit the many beautiful parks in the area. But this Friday the weather was perfect ALL day. So I asked a few friends if they wanted to meet at a newly redone park, Parque La Madre. We had a nice walk there and the kids enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit and playing on the playgrounds. Miss P had an admirer, a sweet young girl that loved her ivory skin and blonde hair. We also were treated to some traditional music and dancing. We had a little pizza for lunch and then strolled through some of the artisan’s booths across from the park. They had some lovely jewelry, toys, ceramic ware, leather goods, etc. I really need to head back with a Christmas shopping list in hand! We couldn’t have asked for a better day!









I made some Andean Horchata this week. I wish the photos did it justice. It looks as pretty before you brew it as it does after. It is a tea made from many different flowers that becomes a lovely shade of fuchsia when brewed. It can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is not to be confused with the Mexican (and Spanish, I think) Horchata that is a rice milk. Funny that they both have the same name.



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