Being Tourists


Usually when I go someplace new I immediately like to take a guided tour but it’s taken us a month to go on one here. Saturday, after what seemed like hours of dressing and feeding kids, changing diapers and packing bags with diapers and water we finally made it out of the house! We walked back to the new cathedral and found the double-decker tour bus stop. We bought a ticket for the next tour. After incessant prompting from Miss E, we headed across Parque Calderon to get ice cream while we waited for the bus. We were delayed some because we stopped to enjoy a parade heading through town. There were dancers in traditional costume and bands playing music. It was so much fun to watch, but I wish we’d had more time to enjoy it.

We got our ice creams and headed back to the tour bus. It was a beautiful sunny day, but perhaps a touch too warm. Thankfully, they supplied umbrellas to help shade us. The bus took us by the major landmarks and up to Turi, overlooking the city. I showed some photos from there in my post Christmas in October. The narration was in Spanish and English (albeit a bit broken). Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take a bunch of photos of our tour because it was difficult to photograph and hold/nurse Miss P, hold the umbrella and snap photos. Fortunately, Cory took some for me.















The night before our bus tour we met some friends for a park date and dinner. They have a daughter at Miss E’s school, Miss C and will be joining us at the farm to celebrate Thanksgiving. The second we arrived at the park, the local girls swarmed us, ogling over the two girls. An older girl, Marina, took a special liking to Miss E and took good care to keep her from falling into the fountain. She even gave her the last of her ice cream (maybe that’s why Miss E has a cold now…). Marina kept coming up to me and asking, “¿Come se dice?” (how do you say). Most questions were about how to say ‘be careful’ or ‘you have beautiful shoes and hair’. What a sweet child she was!

After the park we headed to eat dinner at a fabulous pizza restaurant. Miss E even ate spinach pizza! The child that is afraid of anything green ate spinach pizza and LOVED it! So did we. Rich, what was the name of the restaurant so the blog world can know about this fabulous pizza? Oh yeah, and Fridays are 2 for 1 Margarita night. They weren’t fabulous, but 2 for $4 it’s hard to complain about!







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