Mama’s Taking Us to the Zoo


On Sunday we visited the AMARU Zoológico Cuenca with our friends. The park is on the Eastern side of Cuenca up the side of a mountain. It’s not like most zoos I’ve been to as it was basically like hiking on a trail in the wilderness. In fact, you walk right through the capuchin monkeys’ habitat. I was looking for the cages when Cory said there’s the monkeys. I asked, “where?” He answered above your head just as the monkey let out a loud chirp. I looked up to find a small monkey just over my head and I screamed. That startled her and she jumped causing me to scream again. Once I realized she hadn’t escaped from her cage they were pretty fun to watch. See how close we were?







The zoo is filled with animals native to Ecuador. So we saw an Andean bear, an ocelot, crocodile, parrots, pumas, wolves (that look like foxes), Galapagos turtles and tortoises, llamas and an Alpaca and many other animals. The star attraction was the 2 month old lion cub that you could take your picture with. We also got to watch the lions be fed. The sound of the male lion’s roar may haunt me forever. Not only could you hear it but you could feel it shake the ground!
















We had such a fantastic time even though we were there for five hours and were exhausted afterward. Unfortunately, the high from that day wore off quickly. Miss E was ‘sick’ Monday. Immediately after leaving the zoo her nose started running and she was sneezing. We kept her home from school Monday. She was a maniac! I wish I felt that good when I had a cold.

Another thing that brought me down was there has been an awful odor coming from the master bathroom intermittently. It has gotten so bad that I was having nausea and headaches. At first, I though it was from the upstairs neighbor’s dog but then I realized there is no way he could poop that much! I then realized it was sewer gas and called the realtor so she could contact the owner. The odor was so bad we stopped sleeping in that room and on Monday morning it was quite potent. The owner and the plumber showed up in the afternoon and wouldn’t you know the odor had nearly completely dissipated by then? So her solution was for me to put a tile over the shower drain and she became rather defensive when I told her in broken Spanish that we could not continue to live here with that stench. They did get some drain cleaner and I was instructed to cover the shower drains with a tile when not using it and flush it with water at night. Fingers crossed it works. Today there was no odor. Yay! I hope it stays that way. It was almost as if we were living in a zoo, but the zoo smelled better!

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