Perdido en Espacio

On Saturday I asked Luzbia how to get to the river so we could go and explore. She said she would call a tour guide in Oña and they could take us to see some beautiful waterfalls. Or so I thought that’s what she said. She said they would come get us and we’d take both trucks and go on a tour. Rich was drooling at the prospect of photographing local waterfalls.


So we loaded up the two trucks with all 11 of us, Toby the lab lead the way (for awhile), and we stopped in Oña and picked up a young woman, Dexi, that I guessed must be the tour guide. We then started the steep climb up a dusty, rocky, and winding road. Thankfully, we had four wheel drive as there were several times it was necessary. As you can see by Cory’s hand, it was some extreme driving. We drove for about an hour and a half, stopping for plenty of photos of the gorgeous vistas, before stopping for lunch at a Laguna. We still had not seen a waterfall, other than one in the distance.






After lunch we drove another hour or so before I asked Luzbia how much longer. So, our choices were to keep going for an unspecified amount of time to a town somewhere beyond Loja (which itself is an hour and a half from the farm) or turn around and go home the same way. So we headed back the way we came (with a bit of a detour) as it seemed the shorter distance and we were all getting tired of being in the trucks.





We really enjoyed the trip though. The road seemed to be a bit of a tourist attraction as there were many people, mostly indigenous, loaded up in their trucks sight-seeing. Some were in small cars that I have no idea how they made it up that far without getting stuck or on motorcycles. I even got a photo of a family with their toddler on a motorcycle. We’re not sure where anyone was headed on that road as we seemed to leave civilization shortly after leaving Oña.

As group of sight-seers.
A family on a motorcycle. See the young girl sandwiched between the adults?
<Some indigenous women hitched a ride with their dog.
20131201-202518.jpgA cow looking down at us from a cliff.20131201-203628.jpg

Oh my goodness, we drove over that wooden bridge and didn’t fall in!

I got some lovely photos of the lakes, the flowers and mountain views. The plant life was very interesting, many ferns and evergreens. I even saw some lava rock which I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of. I told Cory I felt like we were in a an episode of Lost in Space. It reminded me of what 1960’s Hollywood thought Mars looked like. I think I would love to return to hike some of it (without young children). Before we left, Luzbia promise that on our next visit we will visit the waterfalls. Whatever happens, I am certain I will enjoy the trip as well as the final destination.






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