Muffins del Jardín


Today was our turn to provide the snack at Miss E’s school. I want to be sure that the snacks I send are healthy yet fun. The first month I sent fruit in a pizza pan in a rainbow (arco iris in Spanish) pattern and some yogurt (which is in beverage form here in Ecuador). Last month I made homemade granola and sent it with yogurt again. It was delicious and I followed this Basic Granola Math Recipe to make my own version. I look forward to making different flavors. I even made some coconut vanilla almond granola for Christmas gifts for Miss E’s teachers. I do find it odd that some of the acceptable snacks at the school are cake, hot dogs, and salchipapas (fried hot dogs with French fries) but if you bring juice it must be homemade. I don’t worry too much about it but aim to provide healthy options when it’s my turn.

Today I sent muffins filled with zucchini, apples and carrots. I followed this recipe for Zucchini Muffins except I cut the zucchini by 1/3 and replace 1/3 with shredded apple and 1/3 with shredded carrot. Had I thought about it, I should’ve replaced some or all the flour with whole wheat flour and butter with apple sauce or coconut oil (which is hard to find here) and maybe cut the sugar some. You could also add hemp seed and/or flax to make this even healthier. I doubled the recipe and got nearly 3 dozen muffins. They were moist and delicious with raisins (and a small batch with chocolate chips). I think they’d be great with walnuts or coconut too and I may play with the seasonings as they could’ve had a touch more spice.


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