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I’ll Let the Photos Do the Talking


I’m going to miss exploring this city by foot. Lots of packing to be done. We’ll be heading back to the USA next week.









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British Cuisine



This morning my mom and I took the girls a few blocks down High Street to have breakfast at Toast by the Coast and to go grocery shopping. Mum and I shared cheese scones with bacon and chutney and I ordered E tea cakes with butter and jam.

Here is a recipe I found for English tea cakes at The English Kitchen Blog. They look much like the ones we ate this morning. Serve them split and toasted with butter and, if you like, jam.

Here is a recipe for cheese scones I found too at NZ Food Geek. Serve them warm with a slice of ham/Canadian bacon and chutney, if you like it.

We popped in and out of some charity shops and found a couple of things, mostly for E, but I did find a cute pair of linen pants for myself that will work well in Ecuador. There was also a nice little farmer’s market featuring cheeses, fresh fruits and veggies, breads, meats, fish, flowers, olives, and several other things. Has anyone ever had a Scottish egg? They had those at the market and they looked delicious, but my mum says they aren’t very good. We got some DELICIOUS strawberries and cherries. E is usually picky but since being here she’s tried (and LOVED) cherries and mangoes. Hopefully she’ll try a few more things that are good for her.

A bread vendor

Too pretty to eat!

Finally, we ended up at the grocery store to pick up some necessities. It is very interesting seeing what the British eat AND what they call it. Bangers and mash, spotted dick, digestives, OJ with bits (pulp), Yorkshire pudding (which in no way resembles American pudding), beans on toast, jacket potatoes with tuna and mayo, marmite, prawn cocktail crisps… While I may not appreciate all of Britain’s cuisine, I would not starve to death here. I love cottage and shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, potato and leek soup, scones, and even bangers and mash. I also love that it is a country rich in agriculture and finding a farmer’s market or a grocery store selling local (non GMO) food is easy. I am a sucker for markets and even bought a lovely fruit tart I plan on eating for breakfast tomorrow. And for lunch, a proper Sunday roast! Yummy!




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